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Work Placements Opportunities

While studying at the University of Lincoln students may have the opportunity to undertake a work placement as part of the programme. This can include a range of opportunities from short term module-based work placements to professional practice years. Depending on the circumstances work placements can be paid or unpaid opportunities but all placements have the same aim to offer students the chance to gain real-life industry experience before graduating. 

What are the Benefits?

Placements offer the chance to apply the academic knowledge learnt in an industrial setting while gaining real-world work experience. Placement students have the opportunity to develop a range of skills including business communication, project work, teamwork, task prioritisation, and time management by working in a diverse environment with a number of people to learn from. 

All these experiences aim to enhance a student's CV and provide the opportunity to develop connections with potential future employers. Many employers use placements to recruit talented individuals into graduate jobs. Completing a placement may also give you a taste of prospective career paths and job roles, and could therefore help you when making future career decisions.

Types of Placements

At Lincoln, there are many types of placements available to students, from a full year in industry to short term module experience. The work placement you decide to undertake may be dependent on a number of things such as the type of opportunities available, or your personal preference. Whichever form of placement you decide to pursue, it must be relevant to your studies. The College of Science Placements team are here to support you in finding a placement and are available to help in identifying suitable placement opportunities. 

Please note, that placements are not available on all of our programmes. 

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Year in Industry

Also known as a sandwich placement or professional practice year, these opportunities usually last a full academic year and take place in the penultimate year of study. Students undertaking a year-long placement are often employed by the business as an employee, whilst also remaining enrolled as a student at the University.

These placements must be relevant to a student's degree of study and they are assessed. The Year in Industry offers an opportunity to apply academic knowledge in an industrial setting, whilst also enabling students to network and build relationships which may prove useful in their future careers. Within the College of Science, students have undertaken professional practice placements at a wide range of organisations including NHS, IBM, RARE Ltd, BT, Reckitt, Rolls Royce, and Siemens.

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Summer Placements 

Students who are looking for shorter alternatives to a year-long placement will often choose to seek placements over the summer. Summer placements are varied and can be in the UK or overseas. These may be structured or non-structured and often take place over a number of weeks. 

These placements offer an opportunity for students to experience what working in an industry is like and allow them to utilise the time when they are not studying to enhance their career prospects by improving their CV. University of Lincoln students have successfully completed summer placements with organisations including Dyson, Inzpire, Anglian Water, and Capital One.

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Module Placement 

Module Placements are a credit bearing placement that can take place in all but the first year of a course. They are a fantastic opportunity to work with local organisations developing new skills and getting an insight into potential career roles. There are currently two types of module placement in the College.

Weekly Placement - Students spend one day a week for 10 weeks with a local organisation, working on small projects and developing an understanding of the various job roles and tasks associated with the organisation. Organisation’s students have worked with include Lincolnshire County Council, City of Lincoln Council, East Midlands Ambulance Service, Lincolnshire Rivers Trust, OpenPlan, Whisby Nature Reserve, Inzpire.

Consultancy Project - Students work on a Consultancy Project for an organisation developing, their research, data collection and analytical skills. A project brief is agreed at the start of the module and the organisation provides relevant information to assist the student in completing the project. The organisation will have regular progress meetings with the student during the Semester. The student produces a report for the ‘client’. Organisation’s students have worked with include YMCA, Lincolnshire County Council Safer Lincs Partnership, Natural England, Lincolnshire Community & Voluntary Service, Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue.


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Find out more about the experiences of our students who have undertaken placements across the College of Science with a wide range of organisations.

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