Digitalisation Continued Professional Development

Prepare for the Future

Our continued professional development courses are designed to enable you to embrace digitalisation and offer a specifically designed programme for your business aimed at upskilling your workforce with relevant digitalisation competencies. Our programme fuses technological and soft skills into a single integrated approach.

Digitalisation is an opportunity to harness new technologies to take your business to higher levels of productivity, quality, new revenue streams, and much more. Digitalisation is not just about applying the benefits of technology - it is also about the workforce, soft skills, and competencies. Digitalisation requires strong leadership and vision, fostering a culture of change, attracting and empowering talent, the ability to manage risk, creativity, and adaptability.

"Industrial digitalisation is a massive opportunity for UK industry. Its impact on the UK economy over the next decade could be as high as £455 billion for UK manufacturing, increasing manufacturing sector growth between 1.5 and 3 percent per annum. This will help create a conservative net gain of 175,000 new, exciting, and well-paid jobs throughout the economy and a reduction in CO2 emissions by 4.5 percent."

Made Smarter Review 2017

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