Me and My Cat

Find out what your relationship with your cat is like!

Please read the following statements and indicate how much you agree or disagree with each statement in relation to one cat you know well, by choosing one of the following statements: strongly agree, mainly agree, partly agree, neutral/mixed, partly disagree, mainly disagree, strongly disagree.

If the situation described in the statement hasn't occurred or been encountered by you or your cat, give your best estimate as to what you think would happen in that situation, but if you are really unsure, just ignore the question.

1. I don’t know what I would do without my cat.

2. My cat is my best friend.

3. I think of my cat as like a child.

4. I am very protective of my cat.

5. I worry too much about my cat.

6. If I were to tell my cat off and he/she would start purring or meowing at me, I would stop and try to make up with him/her.

7. I am comfortable with being emotionally distant from my cat.

8. I consider my cat part of the family.

9. I talk to my cat every day.

10. My cat and I often seem to work as a team that are in tune with each other.

11. When I go away my cat will play with and enjoy whoever is looking after him/her.

12. My cat tends to approach visitors with his/her tail up and rub him/herself on their legs.

13. My cat visits the neighbours (even if I am at home).

14. I think my cat would be just as happy living with someone else (like the next door neighbour).

15. My cat constantly follows me around the house.

16. My cat is clingy. I can’t even go to the toilet in peace.

17. If I am in a separate room with a closed door, my cat will cry until I open the door.

18. When I am about to leave the house, my cat will cry and try to leave with me.

19. My cat will not eat if I go away.

20. I feel my cat doesn’t like me as much as like him/her.

21. My cat will never sit on my lap.

22. When siting on my lap, being fussed, my cat’s tail will sometimes thrash.