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All About Bats and Owls: Chris Packham's Halloween wildlife talk to be live streamed
Published: 30th October 2017, 3:10pm
Chris Packham and an owl. With their leathery wings or a night time "hoot", bats and owls are intrinsically linked with Halloween and this year, nature enthusiasts will be given an up close look at them with a live streamed talk by Chris Packham.

On Tuesday 31st October 2017, TV presenter and naturalist Chris who is a Visiting Professor in the University of Lincoln's School of Life Sciences will give fascinating insight into the mysterious creatures we traditionally associate with the spooky season as part of the Universit's flagship Great Lives lecture series.

Chris, who co-hosts the new series of Autumnwatch which began on BBC Two on Monday 23rd October, will teach audiences about bats' habitats and the ecological role they play during the talk, titled All About Bats and Owls.

During the event, viewers will be given insight into a Eurasian eagle-owl, a great grey owl, and a six-month-old white-faced Scops Owl, and pipistrelle bats. There will also be live flying demonstrations of a barn owl, an African spotted owl, and a Palm-nut vulture

The talk is fully booked and so it is being live streamed online via the University's Facebook page so that enthusiasts who were unable to get one of the free tickets can still participate. The talk and demonstration will be supported by Derek Tindall Birds of Prey and the Bat Conservation Trust, of which Chris is President.

Chris said: "Bats have so many attributes which tickle the naturalist's fancy. Many of them look quirky so we are fascinated by their bizarre physiology and, relative to so many other animals, they are inaccessible and this tantalises us as we struggle to know them better."

To watch the live stream, visit at 6pm on Tuesday 31st October 2017.

The University of Lincoln's Great Lives free public guest lecture series aims to provide inspirational insights into different aspects of society from the entertainment world to elite sport.

For more information about upcoming talks, visit

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