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England’s top young quizzers battle it out in the final of Lincoln’s own University Challenge
Published: 22nd September 2017, 4:37pm
University Challenge Some of England’s top young quizzers pitted their wits against each other today (Friday 22nd September 2017) as they represented their sixth form schools and colleges in the grand finale of the University of Lincoln’s University Challenge.

The final of the competition saw twelve teams of Year 13 students working their way through a series of multiple choice questions designed to test both their academic and general knowledge, such as ‘which battle marked the end of the Plantagenet dynasty?’, ‘which principle precludes any two electrons from occupying the same quantum state within a quantum system simultaneously?’, and ‘the Brandenburg Gate is an example of which architectural movement?’.  

More than 30 teams from across England competed in the regional heats earlier in the year in an attempt to secure a place in the final, which took place at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre on the University’s main Brayford Pool Campus.

This year Southend High School for Boys in Essex triumphed, achieving a total of 315 points out of 400 to secure the 2017 University of Lincoln University Challenge title.  

As well as claiming the £1,000 team prize for the school, each of the winning team members also walked away with a £50 individual prize and an official University of Lincoln hoodie. George Williams, winning team captain, said: “I think it’s a fantastic achievement, not only for us but for the whole school. We haven’t decided what we’re going to spend the winnings on yet but it will be something that everyone in the school can enjoy.”

Mr Andrew Sanders, Head of History at the school, added: “I’m really impressed with the boys’ performance. I knew they’d do well but I didn’t think they’d do this well! They are a talented lot and are very deserving of the win.”

Securing second place, with an impressive score of 280 points, was King Edward VI Grammar School in Louth.

The quiz competition, which is now in its fourth year, is rolled out to schools and colleges across the country by the University’s Education Liaison team.

Emma Jubbs, Head of Undergraduate Recruitment at the University of Lincoln, said: “Lincoln’s University challenge is an amazing opportunity to bring together schools from all over the country, giving students the chance to get a taste of university life on campus while putting their knowledge to test.

“All the teams involved put on an impressive display of general knowledge but Southend High School for Boys gave an outstanding performance and are very worthy winners.”

If your school or college would like to part in next year's competition, register your interest by emailing

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