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15th November 2016, 4:23pm
Youngsters get creative in Marvellous Mechanicals Big Draw event
Big Draw turbine drawing Almost two hundred schoolchildren got creative when art and technology collided in a two-day drawing extravaganza at the University of Lincoln, UK.

Pupils from schools across Lincolnshire joined University staff and students for Marvellous Mechanicals, held as part of a national Big Draw festival encouraging people of all ages to come together and express their creativity through drawing.

Following this year’s ‘STEAM Powered’ theme, which brings together science, technology, engineering, art and maths, the University teamed up with partner Siemens UK to offer children a chance to develop their artistic skills.

The pupils were given exclusive access to the company’s on-campus turbine training facility, where they were able to get their hands dirty and experiment with charcoal-based drawings.

They also visited the University’s new ‘Life Studio’ where they stretched their imaginations further by designing and creating personalised robot heads with card and art supplies.

Having tackled the more traditional art forms, the children were given the opportunity to experiment with mono-printing and embrace digital technology with Google’s Tilt Brush, a 3D virtual reality painting programme.

The Richmond School in Skegness was one of those involved in the event.

Year Four Class Teacher and Arts Coordinator, Rebecca Sylvester, said: “I’m passionate about drawing so I’ve loved being involved in the festival. For the children it was a great opportunity to practise the skills they’ve already learnt in the classroom, while learning to experiment with new mediums and materials.

“We’re always encouraging the children to give things a go and that’s what this day was all about. They got the chance to try something new and express their own creativity and really loved taking part in all the activities.”

Hosted by the University’s School of Architecture & Design, the Big Draw activities were led by Brian Voce, Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design.

He said: “Drawing is the foundation of so much of what we see in the world around us. Everything made and manufactured by humans, from the pen in your hand to the house you live in, has at some point been drawn by someone.

“While art is often seen as not as important as other subjects, it simply isn’t the case. For example, drawing is integral to science, helping to visualise theoretical ideas and to communicate them to the general public.

“The Big Draw is not about being the best artist. It’s about creativity, innovation and being able to express yourself, and that’s why events like this are so important – they encourage and inspire children to become the artists and designers of the future.”

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