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17th April 2015, 1:08pm
A place in the country: What makes rural living attractive?
Countryside living Researchers have launched a new study examining what makes a place in the country attractive for house-hunters planning a move to rural Lincolnshire.

Economists from Lincoln Business School at the University of Lincoln will examine what buyers look for in the early stages of their property search, and assess how those criteria change until they find their right home.

The research will investigate which local amenities people expect or could not live without, the size and style of house sought, the budget available, and the types of rural communities that are most desirable.  

The research will help inform Lincolnshire planning officials about what is expected from rural locations and the economic issues that might be affecting the vitality of countryside communities.

Dr Gary Bosworth, a specialist in rural economic development  at Lincoln Business School, said: “The rural economy plays a vital part in the UK’s overall economic health and, for a county like Lincolnshire, it’s important that we have thriving rural communities which contribute to that.

“We want to know what makes countryside living attractive, or what might prevent someone from moving from an urban setting. We want to find out whether the plans that are being actioned at the moment are the right ones; are we building the right communities in the right places?

“With the input of house-hunters at the earliest stage possible, we can ensure that rural places remain vibrant and attractive in the future.”

The researchers are now looking for house-hunters to be involved in the study. Participants will be asked to answer a short questionnaire and to keep in touch as the property search progresses.

As well as examining the attractiveness of rural living, the study will also consider how people form attachments to places. Once the homeowner has the keys, they will be asked to answer a small number of questions about whether the move has met their expectations.

To participate, please contact Dr Gary Bosworth via email - or tel - 01522 835576.

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