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26th July 2013, 8:55am
Scientists looking for volunteers to get fit at home
New research explores benefits of exercising at home A team of researchers from the University of Lincoln is investigating how much the risk of disease associated with inactive lifestyles could be reduced if people exercised more at home.

Given the rise of physical inactivity in the over-50s, scientists from the University of Lincoln’s School of Sport and Exercise Science are conducting a new programme of research to highlight the benefits of functional exercises that can be performed at home.

Led by Principal Lecturer Dr Mark F Smith, the team is now on the look-out for suitable volunteers who are keen to improve their health and fitness to take part in the study.

Dr Smith explained: “We are investigating the role of home-based resistance exercise on a large range of health factors such as microvascular and cardiovascular strength. We would like to hear from both males and females aged 50 and over who regard themselves as physically inactive, and have not purposefully engaged in planned sport or exercise on a regular basis for the past six-months.

“We already know that sedentary lifestyles can lead to increased risk of ill health, and with this new study we hope to add further insight into the benefit of home-based exercise on specific areas of fitness and wellbeing. By encouraging people to engage in exercise at home, we hope to show how beneficial it can be, without demanding the equipment, expense and time pressures often associated with sporting activities.”

The investigation builds upon an existing and evolving programme of research within the Lincoln School of Sport and Exercise Science. The School’s team of experts is undertaking a significant body of research to explore the role of moderate-intensity exercise interventions on vascular activity within sedentary older populations.

A first-phase research project funded through a University grant has already been published within the Clinical Sciences journal, and it is hoped that the outcomes of this new study will add to the growing understanding about the benefits of physical activity to overall health improvement.

The research team is now enrolling participants for the study.If you would like to find out more details or receive information please contact Mark Smith on or 01522 837093, or Mistrelle Baker on or 01522 837094.

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