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1st July 2013, 11:45am
Expert’s new book reveals science behind the perfect golf game
Dr Smith reveals the science behind golf A leading expert in sports science from the University of Lincoln has published a new book, which investigates the cutting-edge science behind the game of golf.

'Golf Science: Optimum performance from tee to green' is the new title from Dr Mark F. Smith, Principal Lecturer in the School of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Lincoln.

Resulting from two years of extensive research into the topic, Dr Smith’s publication is designed for a wide range of abilities, from professionals and coaches, to spectators and weekend golfers.

Dr Smith explained: “The success of this book is a result of a dedicated team of talented individuals, all of whom have come together to create what I consider to be the most compelling, authoritative book on the science of golf ever written. From around the globe, leaders in their own right have drawn upon their expertise and the vast scientific research to produce this thoroughly comprehensive scientific compendium of golf.

“'Golf Science' is not a manual or an instruction guide. It goes deeper than that, however it will help everyone to get more from their game —whether picking up a club for the first time, hacking balls down the range, navigating your way around eighteen holes, or competing in tournament play to win—because it is accessible to all.”

The title, which is on sale from June 2013, draws on scientific research from around the globe, including findings from leading experts in the physical, mental, technical and tactical aspects of the game. Dr Smith combines research that has been influencing the game since the nineteenth century with new ground-breaking discoveries, to illustrate the complexities of the game.

He said: “A wide range of science is embraced in the book because golf involves a surprisingly diverse array of disciplines. It is perhaps the most complicated simple game ever invented! The success of each shot depends on a wide range of factors, and science plays a crucial role in most of these. Each chapter therefore explores a different facet of the game and is organised around a series of questions, which encourages the reader to better understand the science of golf.”

Dr Smith is the Undergraduate Degree Programme Coordinator for Golf Science and Development and Postgraduate Research Coordinator at the University of Lincoln’s School of Sport and Exercise Science.

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