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17th May 2012, 11:25am
Futures looking good as professor takes on editor role
Professor Ted Fuller A senior academic from the University of Lincoln has been named as editor in chief of an established international journal.

Professor Ted Fuller, Director of Research in the University of Lincoln's Faculty of Business and Law, takes on the senior editorial role at Futures: the journal of policy, planning and futures studies.

Futures is a multidisciplinary, refereed journal concerned with medium and long-term futures of cultures and societies; science and technology; economics and politics; organisations and corporations; environment and the planet; and individuals and humanity.

The journal, which is published by Elsevier six times a year and is currently in its 44th volume, is genuinely multidisciplinary, publishing work from all fields. The retiring editor is Professor Zia Sardar, who will remain as a consulting editor.

Professor Fuller has been a consulting editor at the journal for several years and has commissioned and produced a series of special issues, including investigations into the futures of small businesses, responsible corporations and international business.

Futures' role as an academic journal is to generate and publish new knowledge which informs policy and practice and helps people to comprehend their relationships with the future. It also addresses the design of professional and academic methodology through robust conceptual development.

Recent papers published in the journal have addressed issues of low-carbon futures, 'robots, men and sex tourism', rationales for science policy interfaces, being 'undisciplined', the evolution of Sino character terms and time-scales in forecasting.

Professor Fuller said: "My aim is for the Futures journal to act as a guide to uncertain times by bringing multiple domains into focus as futures of one planet. I want the journal to help us develop greater critical reflexivity in the way in which images of the future are created. Most of all, I want it to make important contributions to the future of society and to inspire people to do good things."

Professor Fuller joined the University of Lincoln in 2008 from Teesside University, where he was Assistant Dean for Enterprise. Before that he spent almost 20 years at Durham University, where he established two research centres, including the Foresight Research Centre. His primary research interests relate to the ways in which business and society are sustained through entrepreneurship and innovation.

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