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19th July 2011, 1:50pm
Become a scientist this summer
Dr Fenja Ziegler introduces a child to a computer game Inquisitive young minds can immerse themselves in some exciting scientific experiments this summer in a series of free lab-based activities for young children.

The University of Lincoln is hosting 'Lincoln Summer Scientists' at its main Brayford Pool campus in the city centre from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th August 2011.

Parents and young children are invited to join in the free fun and games. They can register to attend a morning or afternoon session on any of the five days.

There will be a wide variety of activities for kids aged between 3 months and 11 years old to enjoy, including story-telling, face-painting, computer games, quizzes and physical challenges.

Lincoln Summer Scientists is being launched by child development specialists from Lincoln’s School of Psychology.

While the activities have been designed to be fun for the children, they will also help academics from the School learn more about how we all develop different abilities, concepts and beliefs as we grow up. The work will contribute towards real academic research in the fields of child psychology.

Dr Fenja Ziegler from the School of Psychology at the University of Lincoln is organising Lincoln Summer Scientists.

She said: “Children present a wonderful window into how the human mind works. By watching how they play simple games, we can gain a tremendous insight into really fundamental questions about what makes us human, from how we learn language to how we decide what is true and what is false. Lincoln Summer Scientists is a chance for families to have some fun while making a valuable contribution to real academic research.”

Parents and their children can opt out of any activities in which they do not wish to participate. The methodology behind each activity will be fully explained to parents. All information recorded about the children’s responses will be anonymised so will never be linked back to individuals.

For more information or to register for the free events, email:  or visit

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