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23rd June 2011, 10:06am
Lincoln Company to represent UK at international drama festival
The Man Who Fell Out of Bed book cover Actors and playwrights from the University of Lincoln’s School of Performing Arts will be showcasing the UK’s talent at the International Theatre Schools Festival in Warsaw next week (26 June).

Drama students from The Lincoln Company will perform an original piece The Man who Fell Out of Bed, after being selected by the festival’s organisers The State Theatre Academy – the oldest and most prestigious drama school in Poland.

They are the UK’s presence among schools from Italy, Spain, Greece, USA, Slovenia, Hungary, China, South Korea, Iran, Austria and Poland.

The play, which won critical acclaim when it premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe last year, was written by Paul Sellar and directed by Andy Jordan, both lecturers at Lincoln.

Andy said: “As the director and producer of this production of Paul Sellar’s original play, The Man Who Fell Out Of Bed (incidentally, also the first new play commission by The Lincoln Company, the script for which was published by Oberon Books, a testament to its quality), I am delighted the play and production have been chosen to represent the UK at the sixth International Student Drama Festival at the Theatre Academy in Warsaw, Poland.

“I am enormously pleased that both current and graduate students from The Lincoln School of Performing Arts are getting this wonderful opportunity to perform at such a renowned training establishment as the Polish Theatre Academy, as well as alongside many other young performers and directors from around the world. Not only this, but the production is in competition, with awards being decided by a panel of internationally known judges. I am certain this trip will be of enormous benefit to all those involved in it.”

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