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28th January 2011, 3:15pm
Art enthusiasts have the chance to curate their own exhibition
Art by Kate Geneva Lincolnshire-based professional artists Kate Genever and Adam O’Meara are inviting their audiences to take charge of restructuring and re-hanging their new exhibition.

From tomorrow (Saturday 29 January) until Saturday 26 March, Taskscape, an exhibition of contemporary art, will be on show at The Collection in Lincoln.

Small groups of art enthusiasts will get to work with the artists for a full day to re-hang their work, which offers an alternative and modern take on age-old subjects such as the local landscape, livelihood and journeying.

Adam, who is a senior lecturer in photography at the Lincoln School of Media, said: "Over the course of the seven weeks, our exhibition will change three times, with audience members acting as curators to restructure the space and the work.

"We will be present for questions and assistance, but we will not interfere with their choices. Their shows will encourage us the audience to consider new meaning and ways of looking whilst allowing us to explore notions of landscape as a cultural construct – politically, temporarily, physically and emotionally.

"We want the audience to interact with the work in a hands-on, ears-on, eyes-on way, where we try to reinforce the relationships with the task or landscape we have built and commented on, but also as a way to demonstrate our particular views of what we have found and seen.”

Two of the days are fully booked, but there are still ten places available on Friday 11 March. Participants will be able to select, discuss, debate, write text panels and re-hang the entire exhibition and their selection and exhibition will remain on show for two weeks.

Adam added: "As an image-maker I will explore the relationship between rural and urban, and an aspect of this research is to investigate how people from a variety of social backgrounds read and interpret representations of landscape.

"This aspect of my visual practice will be produced in collaboration with the Cognitive Psychology Department here at Lincoln University. I am interested in the department’s research on the inferential processes in vision."

Kate, an artist and farmer, will show work from a growing archive that documents her family’s relationship to the land at their Lincolnshire farm.

Kate and Adam make "new rural art" which is primarily concerned with challenging and considering new and alternative ways of looking, thinking and representing our local landscape, whilst increasing audience access to contemporary artwork.

The installation developed specifically for The Collection will contain a new large body of work by both artists.

Contact Kate if you would like to take part - email or call 07713647715. This activity is FREE.  Participants will need to supply their own lunch.

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