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19th January 2011, 4:34pm
Indian Consul General to launch major cultural exhibition in Sydney
Bharati Street today A new exhibition of Indian art opens next week at the Macquarie University Art Gallery in Sydney, Australia. It has been co-curated by the University of Lincoln’s Professor Jane Chapman.

India – Past, Present and Abroad, interconnects the historical past with the present through the lives and experiences of Indian communities, in Australia and abroad.

The exhibition will be formally launched by the Indian Consul General Amit Dasgupta on February 9, although members of the public will be able to visit from Monday.

Prof Chapman is currently at Macquarie where she is a visiting professor, and she will be giving a public lecture around aspects of her major Economic and Social Research Council-funded project investigating little-known episodes in 20th century Indian history.

Her work examines the role newspapers and women played in the freedom movement in India.

Prof Chapman said: “This is the first time that historians outside India have looked at how newspapers were used by the disempowered, including women, to further their concerns – that are still relevant today.”

In her talk, India’s Secret Heritage – a Tale of Two Cities, Professor Chapman will focus on aspects of India’s recent past that still need to be uncovered by historians and how she and her researchers, Piers Clarke and Kate Allison, produced some of the findings presented at the exhibition.

“How is history recorded and whose voice does it reflect? These questions from India’s recent past are of interest internationally. Our research connects the stories of some inspirational people – and their visuals - to present day concerns,” she added.

An exhibition of Prof Chapman’s research will tour the world and return to the UK later this year.

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