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27th October 2010, 4:00pm
Lincoln food expert to advise Brunei government
incubator technology An expert from the University of Lincoln will be instrumental in the development of Brunei’s food industry.

Michael Dudbridge, principal lecturer in Food Manufacturing and Automation, will be working with SQW China in advising the Brunei department of Agriculture and Agrifood on plans to create food processing facilities on a new Agrotechnology Park.

The Park is to be developed over 263 hectares close to Bandar Seri Bagawan, Brunei’s capital city, and will act as a science park for agro-technology, food and pharma based businesses.

Mr Dudbridge is an authority on food processing and food manufacturing, factory operations and supply chain management. He said: “Brunei has historically focused on the petro-chemical industry but has now recognised the opportunities for developing its food industry for both the domestic and export markets.

“It’s a very exciting project to be involved in initially; being instrumental in setting up what could eventually be a multi-million pound industry that lasts for years to come is very satisfying from a personal perspective.

“For the University of Lincoln, it is another example of how we are working with business to apply our expertise to challenges faced by industry. It also demonstrates how higher education institutions in the UK continue to benefit the global economy.”

SQW is a provider of research, analysis and advice on sustainable economic and social development for public, private and not-for-profit organisations, and includes SQW China, located in Hong Kong undertaking international research and analysis. The University will be working directly with SQW China.

Chief Executive of SQW Group Ltd, Chris Green, said: “Two years ago we undertook a feasibility study and outline masterplanning exercise for what will become an agrotechnology park in Brunei. SQW China has now been commissioned to undertake a study to identify demand and develop detailed specifications for several food incubators to be located on the agrotechnology park.

“We chose the University of Lincoln to partner us in the project because of the operations at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing at the Holbeach campus. Mike and his colleagues’ experience in developing and operating food incubators and related testing and training facilities will be directly applicable to the Agrotechnology Park in Brunei.”

The University’s Dean of Agriculture, Food and Animal Science, Professor Val Braybrooks, said: “It is both exciting and gratifying that the National Centre for Food Manufacturing is able to partner with SQW and the Brunei Government in this way.

“Food Manufacturing and Lincolnshire are synonymous and this is a marvellous opportunity for the University and our food business partners to support international development.”

The project is due to be undertaken over the next nine months. Representatives of the Brunei Department of Agriculture and SQW China will be visiting the UK to see food operations here and will also take the opportunity to visit the NCFM in Holbeach.

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