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18th October 2010, 3:44pm
Creative advertising graduates drive new campaign
aad blog page What does a top advertising agency do when it needs a new TV advert for Ford’s latest cars written, filmed and produced in just four weeks? Answer: get two University of Lincoln Creative Advertising graduates on the case.

Tom Smith and Darren Urqhart graduated from the University in 2008 and are now based with Ogilvy Advertising in London.

“The Ford ad was an unusually quick turnaround as it needed to hit media deadlines”, said Tom. “So, from a brief on our desk to a full blown TV ad took about a month. It was an intense four weeks with the shoot taking place over two days and nights.

“The idea behind the 'ampersand ad' was to show that customers get more as standard, such as alloy wheels & air conditioning & quick-clear windscreens & Easy Fuel technology &, &, &...The theme was carried through on billboards and in print and digital ads.”

Tom (25) and Darren (30) met on the course at the University of Lincoln and formed a team in the final year of the course, both going on to achieve First Class Honours.

Darren said: “I gave up my job to return to full time education and join the University as the course description looked like it was exactly what I wanted to do. It wasn’t an easy decision but I can definitely say that my proudest moment has been achieving a First Class Honours degree.”

“The course and the lecturers were great”, added Tom. “It gave us a good start in our careers, teaching us the methods needed to get to the best idea. The work we produced there got our foot in the door at big agencies in London. We were hired in March 2009 after a seven-month placement.”

Gyles Lingwood, Programme Leader for BA(Hons) Creative Advertising, said: "This is the latest of many examples of recent graduates from the course working on high profile and prestigious projects.

“The programme equips students with the skills to generate engaging and appropriate messages for a wide variety of clients and effectively communicate them using different creative methodologies utilising all media. Darren and Tom's work for Ford demonstrates that those skills are very much in demand in a highly competitive but hugely exciting and important industry."

Tom and Darren were also featured for their creative work in Campaign magazine’s Graduate Special recently.

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