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23rd July 2010, 12:50pm
Take part in Tagpuss online survey
cat emotion Researchers from the University of Lincoln are looking for people to take part in a quick online study called ‘Tagpuss’.

The new online research is being undertaken by Dr Shaun Lawson and his team at the Lincoln Social Computing (LiSC) Research Centre in collaboration with Professor Daniel Mills' Animal Behaviour, Cognition and Welfare Group from Biological Sciences at the Riseholme campus.

The experiment, Tagpuss, is based online and people will simply be asked to look at images of cats and choose from a list the emotion they think the cats are experiencing.

Dr Lawson said: “The research has a dual purpose and the results will give us two sets of information. Firstly, Professor Mills and his team will be able to explore how we might understand how people ascribe human emotions to animals. We will be focusing on how we might harness the social web to 'crowd-source' solutions to problems that can benefit science, which we refer to as ‘citizen science’. The more people who take part, the better the results of the research will be.”

The study has already seen 5000 people take part who have so far generated more than 20,000 tags. It has received comments on Twitter and various blogs with one blogger stating: "Freud + Garfield =".

The study can be accessed at

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