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7th May 2009, 12:03pm
Recycling scheme measured up for Green Gown Award
YoYo Paper The University of Lincoln is in the running for a national award for its pioneering paper recycling scheme which is saving money, trees and carbon emissions.

The University is one of six organisations which have been shortlisted by the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges for a Green Gown Award for Continuous Improvement.

The nomination is for the yoyo paper recycling system where paper waste generated by the University is recycled into new paper that the University then purchases.

It is estimated that the scheme is preventing up to 13 million sheets per year of paper waste going to landfill. The paper waste can be recycled up to seven times, reducing its CO2 emissions by 72 tonnes per year and removing the need to consume 4,500 trees for paper manufacturing.

The recycling scheme, which is operated by Robert Horne Group, was introduced at the University in 2008. It has been embraced by staff and students, who regularly use the 65 recycling bins located around the campuses.

The University of Lincoln was the first organisation in the HE sector to implement this office paper waste management system.

Alan Blackham, Estates Service Manager at the University of Lincoln and founder of its recycling programme, said: “We were impressed with yoyo and the opportunity to utilise our waste paper in this way. We were also ready to take up the challenge as the first university to use the scheme.

“Recycling bins are in every academic building close to photocopying and printing areas – basically anywhere we knew that a lot of paper would be used and could be easily collected.  Being a multi-campus university did present some logistical challenges, particularly in terms of where to centrally store paper after it had been collected. However, we received good cooperation from Robert Horne throughout the implementation of yoyo.”

Shortlisted applicants in the Green Gown Awards underwent a rigorous assessment involving 30 expert judges drawn from a range of relevant institutions, including the Carbon Trust, the Learning and Skills Council and Universities UK.

Altogether 66 further and higher education establishments were shortlisted from a total of 178 applicants. The award winners will be announced at Imperial College London on 23 June.

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