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24th April 2009, 11:13am
Bees set to make a return to Riseholme
Beekeeper The air will soon be buzzing again at the University of Lincoln’s Riseholme campus, as beekeeping is set to make a come-back.

The agricultural college is purchasing new beehives and hopes to offer courses in beekeeping.

Lecturer Ben Crabb, who has been keeping bees since the age of seven, welcomed Defra’s announcement this week of a £10 million project to identify the main threats to bees and other insect pollinators.  

“There have been some very serious concerns among beekeepers and the agricultural community about the impact of disease and environmental threats on the bee population, so this announcement is really good news,” said Ben.

“Bees are crucial to crop production and food supply, and as well as offering courses in beekeeping, we hope to conduct our own research, for example looking into the differences between urban and rural bee populations.”

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