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6th March 2009, 11:14am
Apprentice Claire inspires young entrepreneurs
Claire Young Former star of the BBC’s The Apprentice, Claire Young, gave her views on what it takes to get ahead in business to a new generation of entrepreneurs at the University of Lincoln this week.

Now a successful businesswoman in her own right, the 29-year-old gave a keynote address at the FlyingStart Rally, organised by the National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship.

Claire said: “I thrive on learning, challenges and working under pressure. Since leaving university in 2002, I’ve worked for big companies fast-tracking my way up the career ladder; gaining vital experience and knowledge.

“The Apprentice gave me the confidence to venture out on my own and set up two businesses. Both are successful and growing quickly, however, it’s non-stop work and I rarely take a day off. You have to be prepared to roll your sleeves up and work every day.

“Being an entrepreneur is all about having the courage and drive to see an opportunity, grab it with both hands and run with it. It’s about keeping a positive attitude when times are difficult, being tough and not giving up – just remain focused!

“In the current economic climate we’ll see who will survive; it will separate the great from the good.”

During the afternoon of entrepreneurship – which began with Claire’s presentation – workshops were delivered by experts on a range of topics including: ‘How to find a market and know when you have one’, ‘How to protect your ideas’, ‘How to find funding for your business’, ‘Creating your creative practice’, ‘How to launch a social enterprise’, and ‘Developing your freelance capabilities’.

The event is part of a programme run by the University which encourages students to think about entrepreneurship and starting their own businesses.

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