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21st January 2009, 11:35am
Are entrepreneurs responsible for the economic crisis?
David Rae The responsibility of entrepreneurs for the current global financial crisis will be the focus of a talk by a leading business expert.

Professor David Rae, from the University of Lincoln, will discuss to what extent the behaviour of a high-flying minority in pursuit of short-term profit has brought about the economic meltdown afflicting developed nations across the globe.

And he will consider whether a new approach to entrepreneurship needs to emerge, this time tempered by social, environmental and moral responsibility, to kick-start economic recovery.

Professor Rae, Director of the Centre for Management and Business Research in the University of Lincoln’s Lincoln Business School, said: “Entrepreneurship – the pursuit of opportunity regardless of the consequences – is a privileged instrument of liberal market economics worldwide. Yet the financial turmoil resulting from the ‘credit crunch’ demonstrates that the social and economic effects of unregulated entrepreneurial behaviour through the pursuit of short-term profits are severe and self-defeating, resulting in massive destruction of value for national economies, businesses and individuals.”

The lecture, Entrepreneurship: too risky to let loose in a stormy climate? will take place on Wednesday 28 January in the EMMTEC building on the University of Lincoln’s Brayford Campus.

It is the latest event in the University’s Lincoln Academy programme for 2008/09. For details of upcoming events visit

Admission to the lecture is free but people must register their interest to confirm a seat in the audience as places are limited.

Registration starts at 5.30pm and the lecture begins at 6pm. Refreshments will be served at 7.15pm.

To register your interest, contact the University of Lincoln Events Team on 01522 837100 or email

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