Changing picture of Britain the focus for photography exhibition


Four photographers from the University of Lincoln’s MA Digital Imaging and Photography course are hosting their first exhibition.


Charlotte Collen, Scott Dean, Davina Galligan and Rob Coley are each showing separate works with a unifying theme which promises to explore the broad idea of a changing Britain.


An exhibitThe contemporary multimedia photographic exhibition is called Albion - Britain: Redefined. It opens on Saturday 13 December at The Terrace, Grantham Street, Lincoln.


Using printed media, projection and interactivity, the show will deal with contemporary themes and issues facing the country.


Rob Coley is investigating the notion of community and particularly the anonymous figures which provide its unseen cohesion.  Rob originally graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2001 and has been working professionally as a photographer until recently returning to pursue the MA at the University’s Lincoln School of Media.


His interactive work has been photographed in what he describes as a ‘rationalist’ mode that recalls early Victorian portraiture.


Rob said: “In a country where the population is now increasingly itinerant, I think traditional notions of community are changing and so there will be an element of social history to my part of the exhibition.” 


Scott Dean, who is originally from Kentucky in the USA, has titled his project Technologies of Life. His work will take a fast-paced look into current society and examine how new technologies play a major role in our lives and have forever changed our cultural values.


Scott said: “The last 50 years of technology has changed our lives more than all of mankind before it. Has it been a transformation for the well-being of future generations?”


Charlotte Collen is exploring an issue that often appears in the headlines: binge drinking. The audience will follow an unfolding narrative of a night out inter-cut with iconographic imagery from the world of alcoholic marketing - something Charlotte is particularly interested in, having previously studied for a degree in Marketing.


“As a subject increasingly discussed in the public sphere it was one I felt is important to engage with in a creative way,” said Charlotte.


Davina Galligan has focussed her lens on her local market place.


“Still found in many towns across Britain and forever changing in size and diversity, our market traders deserve recognition as people who continue to work outside of the cosseted environment of the modern shopping centre,” she explained. 


Davina is keen to draw attention to their consistent determination amid economic uncertainty. 


The exhibition will run from Saturday 13 December until Friday 19 December.


Visitors will have the opportunity to meet the photographers, one of whom will be present throughout the week.  Opening hours and more information is available on the exhibition website: