Politics graduate heading for Westminster



A Politics graduate from the University of Lincoln will soon be walking the halls of Westminster after securing a job with a Member of Parliament.


Stephen Morgan (21), who achieved a 2:1 degree this summer, has been employed as a caseworker and researcher for Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming.


Stephen MorganThe role involves dealing with the enquiries, questions and problems of Mr Hemming’s constituents in Birmingham Yardley.


He is also eligible to work in the MP’s Westminster office, in rotation with other constituency staff. Having now obtained security clearance, he is due to spend his first week at Westminster at the end of October.


Stephen said his studies at the University of Lincoln had stirred his passion for politics.


He said: “When I first started at University, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as a career. I chose to study Politics because of the A-Levels I had taken. As I got studying, I realised this was what I wanted to be doing.”


Now Stephen believes his long-term career could lie in Parliament – possibly as an MP himself one day.


He has ambitions of standing for election in the future, although he stresses that day is still “a long way down the road”.


Stephen paid thanks for his lecturers at the University, especially Dr Jacqui Briggs, for encouraging his ambitions and explaining how best to find work.


He was directed to the website www.w4mp.org, which helped him secure a six-week internship during the summer with the Liberal Democrat member of the National Assembly for Wales, Kirsty Williams AM.


Whilst there he began applying for permanent posts and was invited for interview by Mr Hemming shortly after his internship ended.


Stephen said: “It has been a great experience to see how a constituency office operates. Without people like Jacqui Briggs, I don’t think I would have this job.”


Dr Briggs, Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Lincoln, said: “I am absolutely thrilled that Stephen is pursuing his chosen career path. Having known Stephen right the way through from the interview stage, it was evident immediately that he was fascinated by politics. It is always great to see that, when we recommend these websites and discuss possible careers, we have evidence that they reap the results. This is what makes our job as lecturers all the more worthwhile.”