Graduates’ horror film wins national award



Young filmmakers who learnt their trade at the University of Lincoln have won a national industry award.


Jamie Rae and Daniel Anscombe, who graduated from Contemporary Lens Media this summer, won the Total Film Award for Best Trailer at the inaugural Quarterly Awards.


Their 80-second trailer for their low-budget horror film, 8ight Limbs, impressed a panel of industry experts with its gritty realism.


Jamie (22), originally from Northamptonshire, and Dan (22), who is from Nottinghamshire, rubbed shoulders with film heavyweights like John Hurt and Charles Dance as they collected their award in a ceremony at the Everyman Cinema in London earlier this month.


The trailer was adapted from the 28-minute film which the pair originally produced as part of their coursework at the University of Lincoln.


Jamie Rae on setThe film is a horror-thriller in the style of cult low-budget horror classics Saw and Hostel. It is about a young journalist asked to carry out background research into a series of grisly murders by a serial killer known as the Twin Torturer.


Jamie said: “We decided to do a conceptual piece where we would keep the same themes and characters but we would each take half the film. We would write and direct one half ourselves and piece it together to make a cohesive story. From that we set about making the trailer in February this year.

“We just uploaded it onto various film websites. Before we knew it, the interest was spiralling. It went way beyond what we anticipated.”


The pair did not even realise their trailer had been nominated for the award until they received an email telling them they had been shortlisted. Judges from Total Film magazine then decided it was the best of the bunch on the Icewhole website. is a networking site where budding actors, directors and writers can share ideas with other aspiring filmmakers and professionals.


Following this year’s success Jamie will travel to Los Angeles, USA, in January 2009 to spend six months working as second unit director on a low-budget horror film called The Reckoning. The film, produced by Cupsogue Pictures, will be go on limited theatrical release in cinemas in the USA and UK before a DVD release.


8ight Limbs will be released on DVD in early December this year and is available from To see the award-winning trailer visit