Students give university courses top marks


Students at the University of Lincoln have rated courses among the best of any university in the country, according to a national student satisfaction survey.


The University’s Psychology programme came top in its subject area compared to 98 other UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in this year’s National Student Survey.


The University’s Marketing and Accounting programmes were both ranked second compared to other HEIs in the country.


The University's overall satisfaction score increased to 4.1 on a five-point scale. It means Lincoln ranked 43 out of 148 HEIs in the country, placing it in the top third nationally*.


Following a major Students' Union-led awareness raising campaign, almost 1,800 of third-year University of Lincoln students took part in the survey, resulting in a response rate of 73 per cent, one of the highest in the country.


The University of Lincoln's Students' Union President, Daniel Hutchinson, said: "The importance of the National Student Survey is that it is truly independent. Students have no obligation to lavish praise on their university if it is not deserved. That is why the students' union is so pleased with the results of this year's survey. The SU made a big push last year to encourage students to have their say, good or bad. The fact that almost three out of four students took the time to respond - most of them with extremely positive things to say - is a big testament to the relationship between them and the University.”


Professor Harriet Gross, who joined the University of Lincoln as Professor of Psychology after 19 years at Loughborough University, was delighted the course had been rated first in the country.


She said: "I joined the University because of its dynamic approach. I have been consistently impressed by the energy and commitment to teaching by psychology staff with a wide range of research interests. The staff deliver an innovative and enjoyable programme, offering excellent coverage of the core psychology material and a good range of optional units at second and final year, as well as paying attention to developing generic skills that stand students in good stead once they graduate. Staff pay high regard to student matters and their concerns are taken seriously. I am sure that the student experience and NSS scores reflect this involvement."


Professor Kim Cassidy, whose Marketing course was ranked second in the country for student satisfaction, joined the University of Lincoln in 2006, having worked previously at the universities of Liverpool, Sheffield and Durham.


She said: Part of my motivation for joining Lincoln was the enthusiasm and commitment shown by members of the Marketing, Advertising and PR subject group towards their students. The concern for giving students a quality personalised learning experience, which is reflected in the excellent scores, is embedded in the culture here. Feedback is varied and personalised with plenty of formative assessments designed to give students the opportunity to prepare for this element of their degree. Assessments are also designed to link theory to practice so that students are better prepared for work in the marketing field.”


Tim Thompson, Senior Lecturer in the Lincoln Business School’s Accountancy and Finance team, paid tribute to staff for the programme’s success in the survey.


He said: “The NSS ranking reflects the team’s continued commitment to excellence in student support, teaching and learning. There were, again, many notable successes among this year’s graduates - both in terms of degree classification and among the organisations employing the graduates, which included English Welsh and Scottish Railway (EWS), Vantis and Ernst & Young.”


University Registrar, Chris Spendlove, welcomed the NSS results as evidence of continuing improvement in the quality of the University of Lincoln student experience.


He said: "The National Student Survey provides the University with an objective and independent analysis of the student experience, which is essential in helping to identify areas where the University can improve.


"Following a detailed analysis of our NSS performance last year, action plans were implemented across the University. We are delighted that these initiatives have had such a positive impact. With the aim of identifying and sharing good practice, the University has recently introduced an online student surveying system, modelled on the NSS, but with the results analysed at a more detailed modular level. This is just one part of our strategy to enhance the quality of the Lincoln student experience still further."


* Statistics based on the average response of questions 1-22 (based on a five-point scale) of the National Student Survey as provided by



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