Lincoln professor addresses Kuwaiti business leaders



Corporate performance and good governance depends upon the conduct of directors rather than the structure of boards, according to new research by Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas.


The Lincoln Business School professor made his comments while addressing the Kuwait Investment Companies Union at the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait City.


He believes that it is the way in which directors behave rather than board structure which determines corporate performance.  The Professor of Direction and Leadership at the University of Lincoln argued: “Too many boards avoid risks rather than create opportunities.


 “The corporate governance debate has focused upon whether or not the right committees and numbers of non-executive directors are in place rather than upon the behaviours of boards and their contribution to corporate success. It is what board members do, individually and collectively, that determines performance. New directors need to be contributors not courtiers or retainers.”


At the presentation, the corporate governance situation in Kuwait was discussed by Dr. Nayef Al-Hajraf an experienced director and Professor of Accounting at Gulf University for Science and Technology.


Back in the UK, Professor Coulson-Thomas called for a more creative approach to social entrepreneurship and a greater commitment to professional development in his is keynote address Entrepreneurialism and the role of the practice manager. The address was given to delegates at the Management in Practice conference, attended by more than 500 practice managers – those who run doctor’s practices – at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.


“Opportunities for entrepreneurial approaches to healthcare abound,” he said.

“The vision and determination of practice managers can lead to more responsive, accessible and relevant healthcare. Practice mangers need to move on from being an occupational group and develop the characteristics of a profession. Experienced practice managers should step up and become practice leaders.”


During his keynote address which opened the conference, Professor Coulson-Thomas outlined his research which identifies what high performers within certain groups do differently from their peers. “In all the areas we have examined there are a relatively small number of superstars and the good news is that their superior approaches can be captured and shared.”


Professor Coulson-Thomas, author of Developing Directors, a handbook for creating effective boards, is an experienced chairman of award-winning companies and has helped over 100 boards to improve board and/or corporate performance.