Testing time for Gadget Show in Lincoln


The University’s Human Performance Centre will be featured in the Gadget Show on Five, on Monday 23 June, as the Nintendo Wii Fit and the Powerplate go head to head in a fitness gadget challenge.


Gadget Show presenters Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury had their fitness assessed by Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science, Hannah McGill, at the start of a six-week fitness challenge. Over the next six weeks Suzi and Jason replaced their usual fitness regimes with the Nintendo Wii Fit and the Powerplate respectively before returning to Lincoln at the end of the six weeks to see whose fitness had improved the most.


Hannah said: “This has been good fun and it’s great to have an opportunity to promote what we can do here. Suzi and Jason have been really competitive but very nice to work with.”


Suzi Perry said: “This challenge has been difficult as I enjoy a good gym workout with friends so using the Wii Fit at home was less fun, but this second round of testing will prove whether it’s actually benefited me physically. I know Jason’s really impressed with the Powerplate so I think it’s going to be close.”


“Hannah and her team have pushed us in the tests and explained exactly what each test measures so it has been an interesting challenge as well.”


The Gadget Show is on channel Five on Mondays at 8pm and the episode featuring the University will air on Monday 23 June.


Below: Suzi Perry (second from left) and Jason Bradbury (right) with (L-R)

Daniel Taylor, Gemma Carter and Hannah McGill.

team photo