Primary healthcare is focus of inaugural lecture


Tackling some of the major issues in quality primary healthcare improvement will be the subject of a lecture at the University of Lincoln’s Hull campus on May 1.


In his inaugural lecture, family doctor and Foundation Professor of Primary Healthcare at the University, Professor Niro Siriwardena, will ask how we can create a high quality primary healthcare system fit for the new century.


Professor Siriwardena’s work is aimed at improving the quality of healthcare through evaluation, research, teaching, clinical practice and leadership. He has published on evidence-based practice, performance assessment and quality improvement in primary and pre-hospital settings.


He says: “It has been said that health professionals and managers are in serious danger of becoming ‘obese, flatulent, discontented and demoralised’ by the ‘junk food’ of external targets and controls when they and those they serve are increasingly seeking a leaner diet of health services personalised to service users’ needs.


“Can the developing science of healthcare quality improvement, with methods grounded in practice and research, be a means of really improving services for users, patients and carers or is this just another false dawn? Can it help resolve the enduring conflict between population health and personal care?


“Ultimately, we need to develop a system that is competent to provide safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable and personalised care fit for the ever increasing number of people who need healthcare services.”


Professor Siriwardena’s inaugural lecture takes place at 6pm at the Derek Crothall Building, George Street, Hull. Registration takes place at 5.30pm and refreshments will be served after the lecture at 7.15pm. The event is free. To register for this event please call 01522 837008 or email