11 February 2008

Radio drama debut from staff and students


Students and lecturers from the University of Lincoln’s faculty of Media, Humanities and Technology are currently showcasing their skills in a five-part BBC Radio drama.


Broadcasting from BBC Radio Humberside, Chronicles of Freedom was written by Diane Dubois, Drama Programme Leader in the Lincoln School of Performing Arts. The drama was produced and directed by both Diane and Principal Lecturer in Media Production Bryan Rudd.


The focus of the drama is the abolition of the slave trade, which is particularly important to Hull, as William Wilberforce, a deeply religious English Member of Parliament for Hull was very influential in the abolition of the slave trade and slavery during the British Empire.


The technical production and location recording was carried out by students studying the BA (Honours) Media Production course, whilst actors from the BA (Honours) Drama course performed in the drama.


Scenes were recorded on location in Lincoln and in the studios at Siren FM, the University of Lincoln’s community radio station.


Director and writer of the drama, Diane Dubois said: “Young people are ideally suited to carry the humanitarian flame lit by the abolitionists into the future, so that the world might be illuminated by it. Students will benefit from the exposure to the ideas of the play itself, and the lessons that history can provide.


In terms of work experience, the project was also very useful for the students who utilised their skills as both crew and cast. Bryan and I have both worked in numerous professional projects for radio and theatre, so it was great that we could pass on our experience and ways of working.”


The serialised drama is set to run for five weeks and has already had three successful broadcasts on Sunday 27 January, Sunday 3 February and Sunday 10 February. Chronicles of Freedom will now run every consecutive Sunday until Sunday 24 February on BBC Radio Humberside at 7:10am.



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