4th  January 2008


Diabetics with dogs needed for research


A researcher at the University of Lincoln is calling for your help in a study which could significantly benefit diabetics in the future. Dr Shaun Lawson is researching anecdotal stories of dogs detecting a drop in blood sugar in their diabetic owners, and is looking for 100 dog owners with Type One diabetes to complete an online survey.


Dr Lawson is working with Dr Deborah Wells, from Queen's University, Belfast, on the study, for which they’ve been awarded £10,000 funding from Diabetes UK. They are also seeking video footage of dogs reacting to their owner's 'hypos' or low blood sugar levels.

The study will investigate anecdotal reports that some dogs perform actions which warn their owners of hypoglycaemia, by using their sense of smell to sniff out if their owner's blood sugar levels are dropping. Findings have the potential to be of benefit to the medical profession and could be used in the future to train dogs for hypoglycaemia detection.


Anyone interested in taking part in the study should contact Dr Deborah Wells, telephone 028 9097 4386 or email d.wells@qub.ac.uk



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