19th October 2007


A Columbian tale brought to a Lincoln screen


Christmas is fast approaching and the University of Lincoln will be showing a film about the lives of street children living in Columbia at Christmas time, highlighting their constant struggle to survive.


The film La Vendedora de Rosas translates as The Rose Seller. It is part of the Cine Latino series and will be screened on Monday 22 October 2007.


The film is based around a 13 year-old girl called Monica who lives with a spirited group of teenage runaway girls who have to sell roses to survive.


Set in the slums of Medellin, Columbia the film follows the lives of street urchins as they eke out a tough existence over a 48 hour period at Christmas time. Monica and her friends are still unhardened to street life compared to some of the more experienced children making life incredibly hard.


The films are in Spanish or Portuguese with English subtitles. All films start at 7pm in the Jackson Lecture Theatre, Brayford Pool campus, Lincoln.


Everyone is welcome to come along and all films are free of charge.


The films are organised by the Lincoln Languages Centre, part of the University of Lincolnís Faculty of Business and Law. For more information contact Andy Daglish on 01522 886344 or email adaglish@lincoln.ac.uk



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