11th September 2007


Persistence pays off


Marianne Spicer’s life-long ambition was to become a forensic scientist and studying at the University of Lincoln has helped her on her way.


Marianne is joining hundreds of other students’ in the University of Lincoln graduation ceremonies taking place at the Lincoln Cathedral this week. The ceremonies will celebrate students’ academic achievements and formally recognise them as graduates.


Marianne is graduating with first class honours in Forensic Science and has been awarded a scholarship from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (ESPRC) to study for a Masters degree at Hull University in Analytical and Forensic Chemistry.


“Before embarking on my study I worked as a pub manager but it was my ambition to work in a forensics lab. I saved up and started the course as a mature student at the age of 29,” said Marianne.


This is fantastic news for Marianne as she initially struggled with the science components of the course, particularly chemistry.


Dr Ron Dixon, Head of Forensic and Biomedical Sciences, said: “Marianne discussed her concerns about the chemistry aspects of her course with her tutors and with their support she will be graduating with a first class honours degree.


“Our forensic Science course is renowned for the quality of its chemistry teaching, which is acknowledged by achieving ‘recognition’ status from the Royal Society of Chemistry.”


With Marianne’s determination combined with the support of her tutors she persisted with the course and thoroughly enjoyed it.


“The course was so diverse and I found the units very interesting. I could see so much potential with my degree as it is such a broad subject. I am thrilled to have gained the scholarship for the Masters degree at Hull and I feel so lucky. After completing my Masters degree I can’t wait to get out there and work in the field.”


Marianne will graduate on Wednesday 12 September at 2pm.

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