7th August 2007




A University of Lincoln lecturer will soon be leaving the classroom for the freezing blizzards of Antarctica to take part in a significant conservation project restoring Scott’s Hut.


John Greenwood, from Sheffield, is a Senior Lecturer in Conservation and Restoration. He is going to Antarctica on the12th August for six months to help restore the famous hut left by Captain Robert Falcon Scott after his expedition to reach the South Pole.


The hut and its contents are at serious risk from rust and decay and it is John’s job to make sure the huts are restored and preserved so that they can remain in their original state for at least another 100 years.


John will be working alongside a team of conservators, archaeologists and carpenters to remove the snow and ice which is crushing the huts. John will also be working on securing the structure of the huts and preserving and restoring their contents such as tins of food and glass bottles.


John will camp on the ice in a small polar tent and work at Scott’s Base which houses conservation and scientific laboratories.


“I hope to be able to carry out research on the effects that extreme cold has had on the hut’s artefacts and I am interested in ‘spirit of place’ which is conserving the huts to give the appearance that the explorers have just left,” says John.


John will stay in touch with his students via email and a blog to show them the real-life opportunities that come up as a conservator. “I want to show them that there are challenging and interesting opportunities in conservation.


“I hope that my 31 years as a conservator will give me the experience I need for this difficult challenge. I hope to broaden my base, extend research ideas and push myself professionally and personally. I look forward to the adventure.”


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