13th July 2007




The University of Lincoln is hosting a radio conference for over 80 international delegates who are visiting the university next week.

The radio conference will take place from 16th-19th July (next week). Bryan Rudd, Principal Lecturer in Media Production at the university, organised the conference to bring together scholars, practitioners, and students of radio to share ideas and perspectives on radio’s cultural role in an increasingly global media context.

The conference is jointly sponsored by the University of Lincoln and the UK Radio Studies Network.

There will be a number of keynote speakers including key industry figures, researchers and academics. A debate will take place to discuss radio with a panel of well known people including Cath Hearne (Head of BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire), Michael Betton (Chief Executive of the Lincs FM group) and Jacqui Devereaux (Acting Director of the Community Media Association).


“To welcome the premier international radio studies conference to Lincoln, is a testament to both the growth and development of radio practice and radio studies at the University of Lincoln,” said Bryan.


“As we prepare for Siren FM to go on air with its official launch in the autumn we are able to celebrate the radio licence awarded to us by Ofcom with our international colleagues.”


Tim Wall, Chair of the UK Radio Studies Network, assisted with the organisation of the conference. He said: “This is the highlight of the year for radio academics, when scholars from all over the world come together to present papers on radio in its many forms.”



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