2nd July 2007




Businessmen and entrepreneurs would agree that little effort is devoted to director and board development and this is surprising considering the impact that improvements in these areas can have on an organisation.


University of Lincoln Professor and author Colin Coulson-Thomas is set to change this, with the publishing of his authoritative and comprehensive new book on director and board development ‘Developing Directors, a handbook for building an effective boardroom team’.


Professor Coulson-Thomas has conducted research on a variety of boards in the private, public and voluntary sectors. One hundred boards have received help in developing board and company performance. And with 4,000 organisations involved, the key areas that make these directors and boards most successful have become clearly identified.


The new book addresses the skills, knowledge and personal qualities needed by directors, and how to define an effective board. It also studies routes to the boardroom, becoming a director, how to be prepared as a director and, in addition, provides details of 24 director and board development courses.


Professor Coulson-Thomas said; “I hope that my book will help more chairman, directors, consultants, and trainers charged with the task of developing dynamic boardroom teams to lead the organisations of today. Aspiring and practising directors will find it a useful introduction to the world of company direction and a guide to the ways in which more value can be added to personnel effectiveness and ultimately a company’s worth.”


Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas is an experienced chairman of award winning companies and Professor of Direction and Leadership at the University of Lincoln. He has advised directors in over 40 countries on improving board and director performance and this is reflected in his new book. 



Notes to Editors:

The book is available from Policy Publications, visit http://www.policypublications.com/developingdirectors.htm ; price is £34.95 plus p&p.  


For more information please contact Professor Coulson-Thomas on 01733 361149 or email colinct@tiscali.co.uk


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