23rd April 2007




The University of Lincoln and Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd are working together to get the city’s new community radio station on air.


The university’s radio station Siren FM has been granted a community radio licence by Ofcom, the UK’s communications watchdog, to broadcast 365 days a year.


Now Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd has pledged £50,000 over two years to pay for a full-time deputy manager for the radio station.


Andrew David, who was appointed as Siren FM station manager last year, is delighted with the donation.


"This is a wonderful level of support from the Co-op as it will ensure that we can bring in members of the community of all ages, including young people from schools, colleges and youth groups, to use the first-class facilities we're building,” he said.


“The person who gets this job will have one of the best positions imaginable in a community radio station - actually making people's dreams come true."


The new Siren FM deputy manager will have special responsibility for building relationships with schools and young people in the city.


“This area was crucial to the success of our Ofcom bid last year as it gives radio spectrum to a group in Lincoln which is not fully served by the other radio networks,” said Andrew.


Bob Doe, Marketing Services Manager at Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd, commented: "We very much welcome the opportunity to support Lincoln's community radio station, Siren FM, which we see as an excellent way of fostering the all-important spirit of community in our city.


“We look forward to the station giving a voice to many groups and individuals who are doing great things for the community as well as providing opportunities for local people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in the fascinating world of modern radio broadcasting." 


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