4th April 2007




The University of Lincoln is putting steps into place to ensure that its students are highly employable when they graduate.


The Lincoln Business School has secured a contract with Success Matrix and the Shell STEP programme to provide 50-60 second year students with a summer work placement.


The Shell STEP programme provides students with 12 weeks’ paid employment in an exciting and challenging environment.


Employability is at the heart of the Business School and David Rae, Professor of Business Strategy, said: “Students expect their degree to enhance their career prospects and to gain a career start in line with their educational level.


“Degree programmes which demonstrate this added value will be more successful in the Higher Education market. A coherent, integrated and planned approach to personal and skills development in employability and enterprise is required throughout every degree programme.”


Work placements make students more enterprising and ready for the world of work. Professor Rae said: “Enterprising students are more employable; therefore enterprising learning should be a feature of all degrees.”


Students within all faculties at the university are encouraged to gain work experience to make them more attractive to employers when they graduate.


For more information about student employability and enterprise please contact Professor Rae on 01522 837074 or email drae@lincoln.ac.uk


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