4th April 2007




In today’s retail world you don’t just pick something up in a shop and buy it, you are sold it through customer experience. Retailers continue to compete to give customers the best experience and some do this through theatre.


University of Lincoln lecturer Professor Kim Cassidy is presenting an Inaugural lecture on ‘Experiential  consumption: Reflections on the use of the theatre metaphor in retail environments’. The lecture will take place on Tuesday 17th April.


Competition between retailers to attract customers is forever growing in the competitive market. Some retailers differentiate themselves by staging theatrical experience for consumers.


Theatrical experience can include high levels of customer participation, elaborate designs or lavish entertainment. Some argue that using theatre makes the customer experience confused and superficial.


Professor Cassidy will discuss and develop this argument by looking at four theatrical movements in hypothetical retail store settings.


Professor Cassidy is Professor of Marketing at the university. Her primary research interests are in services marketing. Before joining academia Professor Cassidy worked in retail and she draws on this experience in her research.


The lecture will start at 5.30pm and will be followed by refreshments at 7.15pm. It will be in the Jackson Lecture Theatre, Main Academic Building, Brayford campus.


Everyone is welcome to attend the lecture. Admission is free. To book a place please contact Lesley Dean in the Events Office on 01522 837003 or email events@lincoln.ac.uk


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