23rd April 2007




The University of Lincoln’s business expert Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas will be advising members of the British American Business Council (BABC) and Midlands businesses on the success factors which make a company world-class.


Professor Coulson-Thomas will share his groundbreaking research of over 4,000 companies worldwide, revealing what factors distinguish winning companies from losing companies at the BABC Midlands Breakfast on Friday 27th April.


His book ‘Winning Companies: Winning People, the differing approaches of winners and losers’ is based on his extensive research. At the event he will discuss the research and offer insight into how to focus an organisation toward greater business success.


Professor Coulson-Thomas is Chairman of several award winning companies and an active international business consultant. He has worked with many large American and British companies helping them to develop the success of their business. He is also Professor of Direction and Leadership at the University of Lincoln


Professor Coulson-Thomas said: “In many sectors competing businesses offer similar products and services, employ similar people, use similar processes and systems and are advised by similar consultants. Yet if we examine an area such as competitive bidding, building strategic customer relationships, purchasing or pricing and some businesses are much more successful than others.”


The talk will look at what factors distinguish average performers from high achievers and world class business teams. His advice can be applied to companies large and small to help them become winners instead of losers.


The event will be held at the Leicester Marriott Hotel from 8.30 am until 10.30 am. For more information or if you are interested in attending please contact Professor Coulson-Thomas on 01733 361149 or email colinct@tiscali.co.uk



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