12th March 2007




A film by a Media Production tutor at the University of Lincoln is to be premièred at the Bermuda International Film Festival this weekend.


Bill Ming Stories of Wood, Wind, Fire will be screened three times at the festival, which opens this Friday (16th March).


The film was directed and produced by Andy McKay, Principal Lecturer in Media Production at the university, and was financed in the UK before its completion was commissioned by the Bermudian government.


David Sleight, Head of Media Production at the university, edited the film which also contains music by Ronnie Fowler, a senior lecturer in Media Production at the university.


In the aftermath of Hurricane Fabian in 2004 the Bermudian government commissioned a memorial to those lost at sea.


The subsequent competition for the island's first piece of public art was won by Bermudan born and internationally renowned sculptor Bill ‘Mussey’ Ming.


While the central narrative of this film documents the techniques, trials and tribulations associated with the creation of the commission – an 18-foot, 12-ton bronze sculpture entitled ‘Figurehead’ – it also paints a vivid picture of Bill's life and sculptural work.


From his beginnings in the segregated society of Bermuda in the 1950s to his life as a seaman, the cultural adjustment of arriving in England in 1970 and, later, his struggle to survive as an artist, Bill's story is engaging, humorous, thoughtful and inspiring.


Andy McKay’s film gives viewers a fascinating profile of one of the artists who helped lay the foundations of black British art in the UK.


“As the first piece of Bermudian public art, ‘Figurehead’ and its creator have a deserved place of prominence on Bermuda's artistic stage and the film is a fitting tribute to those who have been lost at sea,” said Aideen Ratteray-Pryse, Director of the Bermuda International Film Festival.


Andy will be attending the première to introduce the film and will also attend a reception hosted by the Bermudian Government. He was recently given a further grant from the Bermuda Arts Council to publish a DVD of the film distributed by the National Gallery.


“After the support given to me by their government I wanted to offer Bermudians the first opportunity to see the film in the presence of one of their folk heroes,” said Andy.


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