29th March 2007




For lovers of Latin American films the University of Lincolnís Cine Latino series will show a classic Argentinian film of violence, passion and the reality of life in a struggling country.


The film entitled The Red Bear and directed by Adriano Caetano will be shown on Monday 2nd April.


The film is based around a character called Oso who is an inexpressive, heavyset convict trying to start a new life after being released from jail. His daughter Alicia has forgotten who he is and her mother has started a new life with a new man.


Oso tries to re build a relationship with Alicia but his past keeps getting in the way leading him back into a life of crime as he agrees to do one final dangerous job for his old boss- the Turk.


The film is set in a run down location and provides an insight into Argentinaís financial problems and the extreme measures it has been led to because of economic depression.


This series of Cine Latino films is not available on DVD in the UK. All of the films are shown in Spanish with English subtitles.


All films are free and everyone is welcome to attend. The Red Bear will start at 7.00pm in the Jackson Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Brayford Pool campus.


For more information contact Andy Daglish on 01522 886344 or email adaglish@lincoln.ac.uk


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