9th March 2007




In every city you will find posters of missing people. But do these posters actually get noticed? A University of Lincoln student fascinated by CCTV and surveillance conducted a study to find out just this.


Sarah Rounding (21), a third year Fine Art student from Hull, put missing posters of herself in phone boxes around Lincoln city centre. She deliberately placed the posters in phone boxes along a route that she walks at least twice a day.


The posters stated that she had been missing since the 20th November and it was thought that she might be living in Lincoln. A CCTV image of her was on the poster along with contact details for anyone who saw her.


Sarah wanted to question public perception and see whether the people we pass on the street remember who they see. The posters have been up since the 22nd February and there has been no response from the public, although Sarah has walked past the posters numerous times.


Sarah has undertaken this project for part of her end of year show, where students will show off their work to friends, family and the public. The end of year shows start on Saturday 12th May.


Sarah said: “I became interested in surveillance cameras in city centres and the fact that our lives are being documented without us being aware or giving consent.


“I am haunted by those ‘last seen’ images of people which appear in the papers or on posters. I wondered if I really was missing whether people would take notice or report seeing me.”


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