28th March 2007




The University of Lincoln is holding a special event for local architecture and construction companies to provide information about opportunities for business development in collaboration with the university.


As part of the Innovation Festival in the East Midlands the Lincoln School of Architecture will be hosting the ‘opportunities for business development’ event on Thursday 29th March (tomorrow).


At the event there will be demonstrations of the university’s newest 3D modeling technologies such as 3D colour printing, rapid prototyping, 3D non-contact scanning, engraving and laser cutting.


Funding opportunities for knowledge and transfer projects will be discussed and companies can see how they can get involved in these projects to benefit their business.


The event aims to show local architecture and construction companies what resources are available to them at the university such as funds, grants and modern facilities.


It also aims to raise awareness of the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme and short courses available at the university for the benefit of businesses in Lincolnshire.


Anyone interested in the event should contact Mike Poole on 01522 837426 or email mpoole@lincoln.ac.uk


The event will take place at The Chapel, Chad Varah House, Cathedral campus. It will start at 4.30pm and finish at 6pm with refreshments.


For more information contact:

Sophie Gayler Communications Officer (Press and Media)

(01522) 886042 sgayler@lincoln.ac.uk

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