6th March 2007




As a nation we are constantly being told what is good for us. One week red wine and chocolate is good for us and the next it’s blueberries and spinach. So, how do we know what dietary advice to take? The University of Lincoln will host a lecture to discuss health advice on Wednesday (tomorrow).


Dr Geoffrey Webb, a well-known health expert, will talk critically about the diet, lifestyle and health advice we are bombarded with every day on Wednesday 7th March (tomorrow). The lecture is entitled ‘Does health promotion always promote health?’


Dr Webb’s argument is that most of the dietary advice we are given is promoted in the media with little or no scientific or medical back up.  Much of the advice we are given is untested.


With new ‘super-foods’ being promoted each week, such as blackcurrants, walnuts, green tea and even chocolate, it is hard for people to know exactly what the right changes are to improve their diet and well-being.


Dr Webb’s contention is that appropriate changes in diet and lifestyle can improve and prolong life but inappropriate changes can damage health, waste resources and even cause premature deaths.


Dr Webb, a Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Physiology at the University of East London, is the author of a number of books on nutrition and diet.


The lecture will take place in the university’s Cargill Lecture Theatre, Brayford Pool campus at 5.30pm. The lecture is free and everyone is welcome to attend.


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