7th March 2007




This week’s Cine Latino tells a tale of passion and romance in the showing of an exclusive Latin American film, a definite flavour from Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


The University of Lincoln will be showing the 1996 film The Dark Side of the Heart, directed by Eliseo Subiela, on Monday 12th March.


The film is about a handsome, young poet named Oliverio who is desperately seeking the perfect woman. Oliverio’s dream is to find a woman who can ‘fly’. The idealistic character rejects any woman who can’t fly by ejecting them through a trap door in his bed.


The poet’s life is turned upside down when he meets prostitute Ana. In her he finds exactly what he is looking for. Complications arise when he falls in love with her poetic soul, but she insists on keeping their relationship strictly professional.


This series of Cine Latino films is not available on DVD in the UK. All of the films are shown in Spanish with English subtitles.


All films are free and everyone is welcome to attend. The Dark Side of the Heart will start at 7.00pm in the Jackson Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Brayford Pool campus.


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