28th February 2007




Argentina is the setting for this week’s exclusive Latin American film presented by the popular Cine Latino series at the University of Lincoln.


Bolivia is a black and white drama set in Buenos Aires which surrounds itself in the story of an illegal immigrant. The film will be shown on Monday 5th March.


Illegal immigrant Freddy Flores is the main character in the film. He moves to Argentina in search for wealth after losing his job in Bolivia when US interests burned down the fields where he was working.


Freddy finds a job in a quaint, run down café as a grill man. His tolerance of difficult locals is in aid of supporting his wife and three daughters whom he left behind in Bolivia. He hopes to build a future so they can be reunited.


The film is based around poverty in South America and the struggle for people to survive in prejudiced and discriminative circumstances.


This series of Cine Latino films is not available on DVD in the UK. All of the films are shown in Spanish with English subtitles.


All films are free and everyone is welcome to attend. Bolivia will start at 7.00pm in the Jackson Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Brayford Pool campus.


For more information please contact Andy Daglish on 01522 886344 or email adaglish@lincoln.ac.uk


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