27th February 2007




As this year’s BUSA (British Universities Sports Association) events draw to an end the University of Lincoln is celebrating many sporting successes.


The University of Lincoln women’s sports teams won the leagues in netball, badminton and hockey.


The netball team went into the last game with a 288 goal difference. The team which only lost one game throughout the whole tournament dominated their way to victory.


The university’s women’s badminton team was the only university to have won all three games played and the women’s hockey team didn’t lose a single game throughout the tournament.


The men’s football and volleyball teams have made it into the nationals with the university’s elite football team competing as one of the top ten university football teams in the country.


Gavin Sumner, Athletic Union President, said: “Our Athletic Union has again proved the talent, enthusiasm and innovation of all our sporting students. For a university so young to achieve so much in a short time is remarkable. We compete at the highest level in golf and football and other Lincoln teams are rapidly catching them up.


“We sit mid table in overall university sport and with 141 universities this shows how much we are growing. We are ahead of established sporting universities and it's only a matter of time until we are elite in many sporting disciplines.”


Next for university’s teams will be nationals, intra mural and friendly competitions alongside the Varsity Tournament starting in March.


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