8th February 2007




Different cultures from around the world will be celebrated at Lincolnís first International Culture Festival next week.


The University of Lincolnís Studentsí Union have organised the festival to take place on Monday 12th February.


The Studentsí Union has worked in collaboration with the College for International Co-operation and Development (CICD) to give people the opportunity to learn about different cultures.


There will be lots going on throughout the day including photo exhibitions, nail art, massage, jewellery making demonstrations, origami, acupuncture and music and dance from the various countries and cultures.


There will be a traditional Japanese dance and music display along with demonstrations and exhibitions from many countries including Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Denmark, Estonia and Paraguay.


The festival aims to raise awareness of volunteering projects in Africa arranged by the CICD such as child aid and school for children. Anyone who is interested in volunteering can get advice and information from the CICD stall.


The festival will be held at the Engine Shed, Brayford Pool Campus. It will begin at 11.00am and finish at 4.00pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.


For more information about the festival please contact Leanne Goodwin, President of the Studentsí Union, on 01522 886166 or email president@lincolnsu.com.


For more information contact:

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