30th January 2007




Over 100 invited guests and dignitaries were the first to walk across a new footbridge linking the university and the city across the river Witham yesterday (Monday).


Bridge opening


The university’s Chancellor, Dame Elizabeth Esteve-Coll, cut a ribbon to officially open the new bridge, which links the Engine Shed and the Great Central Warehouse Library with Brayford Wharf East.


The bridge has been designed as an extension of the new urban square which will be central to the university’s new 24/7 quad.


It forms a new gateway from the university to the city of Lincoln and will greatly improve access to the Brayford Pool campus.


Also attending the opening ceremony were the Mayor of Lincoln, Councillor Steve Allnutt, and Tony McArdle, Chief Executive of Lincolnshire County Council.


“This bridge is important symbolically as well as physically because it literally bridges the gap between the university and the city,” said the university’s Vice Chancellor, Professor David Chiddick.


“We want to be a fully functioning university which serves the people of the city and the surrounding area.


“This new bridge improves access for everyone and from now on it will be much easier for members of the public to walk on to the campus.”


Pictured at the opening ceremony are (left to right) Professor David Chiddick, Tony McArdle, Councillor Steve Allnutt and Dame Elizabeth Esteve-Coll.




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