23rd January 2007




When she lost her husband to leukaemia four years ago Judith Mudd resolved to go back to the classroom to rebuild her life.


She set herself a target that she would achieve a degree before either of her children, and this week she will realise that ambition at Lincoln Cathedral.


On Wednesday (24th January) Judith will become the first University of Lincoln student to complete a part-time work-based degree in Managing Social Care.


And she will have reached her goal of graduating with a degree before either of her two  children Tom and Sophie.


Judith (51) works as the manager of North Lincolnshire Council and North Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust’s Intermediate Care Team.


After her husband Nigel died four years ago she felt she needed a new challenge.


“My world fell apart,” says Judith, of Bishop Norton near Kirton-in-Lindsey. “This was a life-changing, traumatic time for me and my children. 


“I was struggling to come to terms with my feelings of anxiety, fear, anger and frustration and felt I needed to do something constructive with my life. I needed to prove I could apply myself to study. So I set myself the goal to achieve a degree of some sort.


“I set my son Tom and daughter Sophie a challenge - I intended to achieve a degree before they did!


“I also wanted to earn a degree in remembrance of Nigel, who would have supported me 100 per cent to achieve such success and would have been willing me on all the way on those days when I felt like giving up.”


Tom will graduate from Durham University this summer and Sophie is about to start her studies at Durham, but Judith has beaten them both.


She will be at Lincoln Cathedral at 11.30am on Wednesday 24th January to receive her degree in Managing Social Care in which she achieved first-class honours.


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